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Kdynium Foundry has been providing castings to a wide range of customers since 1954. Our experience over the years has shown that in order to achieve best results and take full advantage of the precision casting process, designers and engineers of the products, assemblies and systems using the castings must collaborate closely with our foundry engineers, who are the leading specialists in this field. Extremely intricate and complex castings can thus be manufactured using the full capabilities of this process.

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We will provide you with a quotation in accordance with your requirements, which includes a casting design. Before starting production, we request that you submit all information about product safety, including our responsibility and liability, in accordance with applicable international standards.

Sample castings will be made after the acceptance of your order and serial production quantities manufactured after approval of the sample casting. We will design and manufacture tooling for both sample and serial production. Equipment costs will be calculated separately.

We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing high quality precision castings and delivering in a timely manner.

The KDYNIUM team of skilled specialists are always ready to provide consultations and assistance in solving technical issues related to the design and usage of precision castings.